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The Owie Pillow is extremely versatile and can be used three different ways:

  • to alleviate pressure on your abdomen
  • additional lumbar support
  • attach the Owie Pillow to your carry-on bag via the velcro- strap and you can use the pillow for resting your head while you take a little snooze!

Don't fret if you happen to be snacking and you spill on the pillow, you can wash the cover and voila' good as new!

Enjoy your Summer, but remember to do it in comfort!

Kristine Currier

Creator of the Owie Pillow & Preggi Pillow

Why did I design this pillow?

As a traveling sales rep during my first pregnancy, I experienced great pressure/discomfort when driving; this led me to think about how to make myself more comfortable because I needed less pressure and more “room” for my rapidly expanding belly. During my second pregnancy, the same problem reoccurred only this time I was muttering to myself ~ “I cannot be the only person that finds the seatbelt uncomfortable” ...and this is how the “Owie Pillow” became a reality.

The Preggi/Owie Pillow has been featured on Ricki Lake
is a Parent-Tested Parent-Approved Award Winner!

Alicia - Moore, SC

I recently had a hysterectomy and I would not have made it through the first 2 weeks after surgery without my Owie Pillows. My daughter made sure one was in the car for my ride home from the hospital -- I could not have even made that ride home with the seatbelt on without the Owie Pillow! I keep another one on my bed for belly support while I am laying down and I can say that I would not have been able to be comfortable during my recovery without the pillows. Thank you Kristine for this wonderful product! They have been a life saver during the past few weeks! AMAZING!!!!!!

Julie - Tampa, FL

What did people do before the Owie Pillow? Seriously, I can't live without this thing! It is making my trip so nice!

Heather - Fridley, MN

I bought the pillow for my best friend. She LOVES it! Best gift to give a new mom.

Kathy Copel - Pismo Beach, CA

After having a hysterectomy recently I experienced a few complications. I began using the "The Owie Pillow." At first a little skeptical ~ but wow! ~ the comfort! No more dreading the ride in the car! Fantastic!

Mari H.

I LOVE my new Owie Pillow! I'm halfway through my pregnancy and the Owie Pillow make car rides so much more comfortable. A truly great product...


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